Our artist have been in this industry for over a decade now. And all of them have these 10 qualities ingrained in them which makes them the “Best Tattoo Artists in Erode”.

(1)Creativity: our artist are very Creative and always have new ideas for new projects.

(2)An eye for Design: Our artist have an eye for design and knows exactly what makes a good work of art.

(3)Understands the Customer: Our Artists understand the customer and are well aware of what the customer is looking for.

(4)Humility: We Love what we do and strive to improve every day each time and so are open to criticism.

(5)Passion: What drives is our passion of tattooing. We love what we do.

(6)Savvy Technical Ability: All our artist are technically savvy and can employ computer applications into their work.

(7)Vision: Our artist have a strong sense of vision and can easily picture the desired end result at the outset of a project.

(8)Sketching Skills:v All our artist have strong sketching skills and can use those skills to showcase the end design to customers.

We at Ink Spots, the best tattoo studio in Erode, believe that Tattoos are like a Permanent Jewel on the Body. The Only thing that will stay with you Forever is your tattoo & will Accompany you to the Grave. Your tattoos Reflect & Unfold your Story in an Artistic Way.

K Bagya Kumaravel

Owner and Artist


Owner and Artist