Name tattoos can be designed using letters alone or in combination with images and decorations. The tattoo lettering mirrors the style, personality, and attitude of the bearer. The tattoo genre also utilizes a myriad of different styles and families of fonts, opening up numerous design possibilities. The problem with these tattoos is when a break-up or souring of relations occurs. The owner of the tattoo gets a bitter and unpleasant remembrance of the past. Unless the name represents an undying love, the bearer’s only option is modifying the tattoo or erasing them completely through a tattooist. The better option is to use the names of a loved ones who are permanently part of your life, like family members. Name tattoos inked for both men and women. Boyfriends and girlfriends have suspect permanency.

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Family Tattoo

Family Tattoo. It’s the most Amazing feeling to be a Mother or Father. Blessed with a baby, the client wanted to have this beautiful memory engraved on his body with the time which changed their lives

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